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Comprising a youthful, multidisciplinary team of professionals in design, decoration and textiles, Destiny has quickly become a benchmark name for consumers and professionals in the field of decoration and interior design, thanks to the quality and design of the products made here.

Destiny is backed by the guarantee of work well done. It is part of the Aquaclean Group, a leading corporate group of international renown whose professional prestige is backed by over 50 years of experience in the textile trade.


Now you can enjoy our extensive range of Destiny curtain and technical fabric products, where you'll find all kinds of solutions for decorating your home. Just look at our catalogues. Don't settle for the first thing you find. Let us surprise you with all our proposals in roll-ups, Japanese panels, slatted curtains, net curtains and digital prints.



Innovation is the underlying factor in all our products and manufacturing processes. We strive for innovation in all our company departments at Destiny, to offer you the latest creations in the curtain textile and home decoration trade.


Highly qualified professionals and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to apply our own in-house technology to all production processes within the company.

Creativity and Design

In our collection you can find the latest trends in the home decoration and interior design fields, with lots of colours, prints and textures to choose from.


We believe in manufacturing quality, not just controlling it. That's why all our processes focus on obtaining the best product for each customer, and becoming that customer's first choice.


At Destiny we are not only concerned about the environment, but also about everyone taking part in the creation and manufacturing  processes or our products, ensuring that these processes are exempt from hazards for them and for nature.


Destiny is concerned to offer today's sophisticated public the latest trends in curtain and textile decoration, with collections, designs and materials that are innovative and highly attractive, and capable of converting any corner of the home into elegant and functional spaces.

Let Destiny surprise you

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