DESTINY: innovation, design and quality

Destiny is a division of the company Interfabrics, located in Muro de Alcoy (Spain), and forms part of the Aquaclean Group, a leading corporate group of international renown whose professional prestige is backed by over 50 years of experience in the textile trade.

Comprising a youthful, multidisciplinary team of professionals in design, decoration and textiles, Destiny has quickly become a benchmark name for consumers and professionals in the field of decoration and interior design, thanks to the quality and design of the products made here. Destiny is backed by the guarantee of work well done.

Destiny is fully dedicated to curtain textile decoration. Destiny catalogues include Japanese panels, curtains and net curtains, blinds and roll-ups – all with infinite possible configurations, making our catalogue the most extensive on the market today. Our products are characterised by their strong dose of innovation and functionality, appropriate for all kinds of home and office space, and all kinds of lifestyles.


  • 1INNOVATION. We make a firm bid for new production technologies that enable us to offer a product that is unique on the market.
  • 2PASSION. We love our jobs and prove it every single day.
  • 3COMMITMENT. We adapt to constant change in the market and seek out the best solutions to answer the needs of our clients.



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